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Owners and founders Tamsyn and Monique live in Cape Town and are passionate about crafting products that look good as well as care for your wellbeing.

Tamsyn is a Chiropractor and sees many patients with back pain due to poor ergonomics. So Tamsyn and Monique set out to design their very own stand - one that was beautiful and functional and wasn't made in China!  What started as a hobby, has become a reliable revenue stream as well as providing jobs along the way.

Noapop prides itself on being eco-conscious with both its products and packaging being recyclable. The Noapop stands are made from Birch ply which is a very strong and sustainable light weight wood which doesn’t disrupt biodiversity when felled.  We also choose to work with other local businesses with a similar ethos and thus making small positive impacts on the world we live in where we can. 

Noapop was born in 2016. Our vision is to grow the business and continue to create eco and ethical products that hopefully inspire and uplift in some way every day.


Tamsyn and Monique

Handcrafted with our own hands

Noapop stands are handcrafted with our very own hands


Noapop contact details:

Office 206, Earlgo Building, Park Rd, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa

(021) 462 1520